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It is important to us to involve each member of the team in the workflow as much as possible and take an active part in achieving the goals of the business. Therefore, at all levels of management, we strive to create an environment conducive to productive and comfortable work, maximum efficiency and the discovery of professional potential of each employee. By imposing heavy demands on the employees, the company, for its part, sets clear objectives, maintains feedback and provides a high level of motivation. The relations of the company with personnel are based on the principles of mutual respect, trust and full respect for the rights and obligations of the parties.

We want INTECO to become a history of personal and professional success of each member of the team.


The corporate culture of INTECO includes values and standards of behavior and work, builds the employees’ image of the company, stimulates a sense of responsibility, causes awareness of continuity, helps to respond correctly to the events occurring in the company, maintains a feeling of safety.

Corporate events, various competitions are held regularly for the employees which contribute to strengthening friendly and partnership relations.


We stick to a balanced approach to staff formation: our candidates are graduates of universities, subject matter specialists, and experienced managers.

Each time the selection criteria are determined by the profile of the position, its tasks and functions, but the internal motivation of the candidate, his desire to work for results, the intention to do his job every day better than yesterday, professionalism, respect, team spirit, and reliability remain undeniably important.

When forming the INTECO team, we combine internal and external recruitment methods, so that a number of key positions can only be reached if you are an employee of the company. Therefore, you are welcome ;)


The company holds the position of the necessity of continuous human resource capacity development, which is implemented both through specially organized training events and within the framework of current activities on a permanent basis — through participation in development and transformation projects.

We believe that development is one of the important ingredients of our future.

INTECO — is the right place for those who want to develop their potential.


Despite the well-known postulate that it is not money that makes people happy, a decent standard of living for the company’s employees is our concern and, certainly, the result of our joint work.

The system of material motivation in the company is adapted to the actual business tasks and provides a clear relationship between the results of each individual employee and the business results of the company as a whole.

Besides money, the incentive system of the company includes a number of intangible benefits, the list of which is still expanding in order to ensure health and comfort of our employees.


For services to the city, the state, the construction industry and the company we present to reward the employees who have achieved significant results in the implementation of investment and construction projects, the introduction and implementation of modern construction technologies, promoting corporate values of the company and the one who follow them.

Besides, our employees are regularly awarded honorary diplomas and commendations from the subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as departmental awards of the construction industry, valuable gifts and special awards for many years of diligent and dedicated work and significant results.