AO INTECO invites all current and potential partners to take part in tenders. They are open to any organisation with the relevant qualifications, experience, technical expertise and human resources.

Tenders are carried out on the following electronic trading platforms:

- Roseltorg (Unified Electronic Trading Platform);

- Roseltorg Business.

Organisations must be accredited with the Unified Electronic Trading Platform to take part in tenders over 5 million roubles (excluding VAT).

For smaller tenders, accreditation with Roseltorg Business is required.

Should your company wish to take part in tenders up to 5,000,000 roubles, please do the following:
1. Download and complete the qualification form.
2. Fill out the form below.
3. Attach all required documents.
Acceptable document formats are listed below. Should you have any questions, please contact us at tender@inteco.ru
Documents to upload pdf, jpg, txt, rtf, xlsx
Qualification Form*
Copy of tax registration certificate*
Extract from Unified State Register of Legal Entities/Individual Entrepreneurs* issued less than one month ago.
The balance sheet and the profit and loss statement for the last reporting period with a note from the tax authority on its adoption
Protocol confirming the transfer of financial statements to tax authorities In case reporting was submitted electronically.
Tax declaration
The tax declaration receipt by the tax authority.
Company registered after last reporting period. Individual entrepreneur was registered after the
last reporting period.
Thank you!
Your application will be processed within
a few days.
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