24 August INTECO has closed a landmark deal in Balchug Residence
5 August Construction of aboveground floors has begun in the «Vrubelya, 4» project
27 July Work on land improvement has begun in "Westerdam"
16 July INTECO made the top ten major Moscow real estate developers in terms of sales
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Public art exhibition "Red Garden" has been extended for two more weeks

31 August
The GUM-Red-Line Festival with an exhibition of topical Russian public art "Red Garden" as part of the open art festival "Cherry Forest" on Red Square in Moscow has been extended until September 12, 2021. The organizers of the event are GUM and the “Archstoyanie” Festival. The general partner is the real estate developer INTECO.

The first large-scale exhibition of contemporary sculpture has been being held near the walls of GUM since July 1, 2021 - for two months, an impressive collection built by the curators of Archstoyanie has been being demonstrated on Red Square. Until September 12, on the main square of the country, you can see the works of famous Russian artists: Nikolay Polissky, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Rinat Voligamsi, Dmitry Zhukov, Andrey Filippov, Roman Ermakov, Dmitry Aske, Vasilisa Prokopchuk and Evgeny Bragin.

The sculptures are created in different genres: land art, abstractionism, surrealism, conceptualism, postmodernism, media art, digital pop art, interactive installations. The materials used also differ: steel and corten steel, hazel-wood, plywood, enamel, polystyrene foam, fiberglass. The height of the exhibits reaches 6.8 m.

After the exhibition is over, the sculptures will decorate public spaces in Moscow and will be installed near the Bosco Manufactory in Kaluga and in the Nikola-Lenivets art park. At the same time, 6 works will be included in the corporate XXL collection of INTECO - they will be placed within the perimeters of residential complexes constructed by the real estate developer.

“Thanks to the organizers of the GUM-Red-Line Festival, who extended the exhibition for 12 more days of September, a much greater number of guests, including students and schoolchildren, will be able to add this event to their cultural events calendar to see intriguing public art objects from famous Russian artists. The iconic venue of the event - near the walls of GUM, next to the Kremlin – unlocks the potential of such a rapidly developing trend in contemporary art in the best possible way. INTECO's practice of enrichment of areas of its residential projects with exhibits from the “Red Garden” exhibition may become a key milestone in the popularization of public art", commented Irina Korshunova, director of the marketing department, curator of INTECO’s special projects.